Thursday 11 February 2016

Violet and the Hidden Treasure (Violet Book 2) by Harriet Whitehorn and Becka Moor (Simon and Schuster Children's Books)

Fashionably late to the part, we catch up with Violet Remy-Robinson's second adventure in this intriguing search for hidden loot...
Without a doubt, Violet Remy-Robinson is our kinda gal. Part Nancy Drew, part Sherlock Holmes, she's a pint-sized sleuth with a nose for trouble and is the star of her own book series.

"Violet and the Pearl of the Orient" won the series an army of adoring fans and now Charlotte's reading more and more chapter books, we've been lucky enough to catch up with the series as book 2 is released today (hooray!)

"Violet and the Hidden Treasure" once again sees amateur detective Violet right in the centre of a right royal muddle. An Indian Maharajah took rather a shine to Violet during a visit to India with her Godmother. A great friend of the family, The Maharajah sends Violet a rather unexpected 'gift' when she arrives back home. The Maharajah's butler turns up on the doorstep one day with a rather splendid looking Cockatoo and a simple instruction for Violet - "Guard this bird with your life!"

Nefarious ne'er do-wells want to kidnap the bird as it guards a very special secret that could lead to the Maharajah's great fortune itself.

It's just the start of another rollicking adventure for Violet and her friends.

We love girl detective stories, mostly because Charlotte loves picking through the clues herself to try and second-guess the outcome but this tale is full of intricate plot twists and glorious storytelling that kept her turning pages well into the night (we can usually tell if Charlotte's reading more than her allotted '8 pages' as we can see her light glowing from the landing, cheeky minx!)

We can't wait to read more of Violet's stories (we've vowed to catch up with "Pearl" and there's a third book coming later this year too, FANTASTIC!)

Brilliantly written, with awesome illustrations from one of our fave Twitter folk Becka Moor, it's a real treat for would-be Miss Marples or Nancy Drews everywhere! Don't miss out!