Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Sleeping Handsome and the Princess Engineer by Kay Woodward and Jo De Ruiter (Curious Fox Books)

There's a rather neat set of books being published over at Curious Fox, and it's time to catch up with one superb story turning the traditional princess and prince roles on their heads...
Prince Handsome is just the sort of chap who, let's be honest, could really get up your nose a bit. He's young, handsome, successful and stinking rich but the prince's young life is set to take a tragic turn...

Pricking his finger on a sword, the prince falls asleep for a hundred years. It seems like nothing can wake him, but hark, a rather inventive miss has a plan (lots of plans, and blueprints as well) to wake the prince from his slumber...

Enter the Princess Engineer, a mighty girl who thinks on her feet and can always come up with a practical solution to a problem.

Kay Woodward and Jo De Ruiter have come up trumps with a great flipped-on-its-head fairy tale that feels fabulously original and absolutely the sort of book to feel like a soothing balm after all those turgid pink and prissy princess books. Your mighty girl is going to love it (and your boys will too!)

Charlotte's favourite bit: The princess can turn just about anything into a useful prop, a true maker-hero!

Daddy's favourite bit: Brilliant and inspirational stuff, well worth checking out the entire range of brilliant fairy story reinventions over at Curious Fox

(Kindly sent to us for review by Curious Fox Books)

"Sleeping Handsome and the Princess Engineer"

Written by Kay Woodward

Illustrated by Jo De Ruiter

Published by Curious Fox

Publication Date (Softcover): September 2015