Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Alan's Big Scary Teeth by Jarvis (Walker Books)

Meet Alan. He's big, he's scary, he's green and he has a huge sharp-toothed grin. But Alan has a terrible, terrible secret. Dare you discover it in "Alan's Big Scary Teeth" by Jarvis...?
Let's face it, Alligators get a bit of a bad reputation in children's books. When they're not gadding around eating people they're generally being - well, alligator-ish.

Alan, the excellently named Alligator in "Alan's Big Scary Teeth" is no exception. He's really not a very nice chap at all, and he thinks nothing of spending his days terrorising the other inhabitants of the jungle. As soon as they see Alan and his fearsome gnashers, they run for cover.

But Alan has a secret. Alan was a rather naughty little Alligator in his youth, and didn't take very good care of his chops...So Alan's dazzling smile isn't quite what it seems. He is the proud owner of a huge set of false teeth.

When Alan's teeth go astray one night, a mischievous forest dweller decides to teach Alan a lesson he'll never forget. Will he be quite as terrifying if all he's got to show off when he's on the prowl is a drooling flapping set of gums?

Jarvis' brilliantly humorous writing and illustrations make "Alan's Big Scary Teeth" an instant hit with tiddlers, and yep even cynical tweenies will still giggle when Alan appears on the Savannah, ready to savage everyone with his gummy grin!

Truly excellent! Check out the awesome book trailer below!

Charlotte's favourite bit: Poor Alan crying crocodile tears at the loss of his gnashers (sorry, Alligator tears!)

Daddy's favourite bit: A brilliant and entertaining laugh-out-loud story that teaches a big scary rotten bully a lesson. How could we not fall in love with it?

(Kindly sent to us for review by Walker Books)

"Alan's Big Scary Teeth"

Written and Illustrated by Jarvis

Published by Walker Books

Publication Date (Hardcover): 4th February 2016