Monday, 18 April 2016

Maisy Goes to London by Lucy Cousins (Walker Books)

Way back when Charlotte was a tiny tot, we absolutely couldn't get enough of Lucy Cousins' fabulous "Maisy" books.

We're delighted to report that they're still going strong, and a brand new Maisy adventure has just been released by Walker Books. This time our adventurous mouse friend is off to take in the sights and the (sometimes very loud) sounds of the nation's capital, London!

Maisy is on a whistle-stop tour of some of the most famous landmarks, listening to the rumble of buses and traffic, the chimes of Big Ben and even taking in some culture at The Globe Theatre (which we visited recently and were utterly and completely captivated by).

It's like an adorable little travelogue specially for tiny tiddlers who love to explore and find out more about "The Big Smoke". We still love Lucy's gorgeously colourful artwork and the simple text makes this a nice little book to slot in before bedtime.

We love visiting London, and the energy, colour and sheer joy of this little book is downright infectious.

Go grab a copy and whisk yourself off on a fabulous journey!

Charlotte's favourite bit: Visiting busy Piccadilly Circus with Maisy

Daddy's favourite bit: A glorious little book perfectly paced for your mini explorers for their big visit to the city.

(Kindly sent to us for review by Walker Books)

"Maisy Goes to London"

Written and Illustrated by Lucy Cousins

Published by Walker Books

Publication Date: 3rd March 2016