Monday 18 April 2016

Splat! The Most Exciting Artists of All Time by Mary Richards (Thames and Hudson)

Time for a delve into art history in a stunning fact-filled new book from Thames and Hudson...
"Splat! The Most Exciting Artists of All Time" gathers together the talented individuals whose works have become legend, and of course their most celebrated paintings, drawings and sculptures.

The book starts out with a fascinating timeline that sets the tone for the rest of this packed volume, exploring all aspects of art and design over the last five centuries and way way back to the beginning of time, examining the ways ancient beings made their first marks on the walls of caves.

Famous artists themselves take centre stage, as this book examines their lives and the times they lived in. Often tempestuous and passionate artists have equally turbulent lives, so the book thoughtfully gathers together the life history of artists in a child-friendly way.

A fabulous timeline that stretches way back into prehistory starts off this fascinating book
Introducing children to the world of art can be tricky to get right. "Splat!" achieves this with brilliantly designed infomatics and diagrams to great effect throughout.

Vermeer's glowing artworks and brilliant techniques are examined in detail
Each page spread is like discovering a new art treasure, with the life and works of Vermeer, Picasso, Hokusai, Hepworth, Van Gogh, Whistler and many others gathered together in this thoroughly absorbing and immersive tome.

A trip on the wild surreal side with Salvador Dali
It's a stunning piece of work, thoughtfully researched and presented, and the sort of book that will serve as a useful reference as your child grows up and finds their own inroads into the world of art.

Utterly brilliant!

"Splat! The Most Exciting Artists of All Time" is released today, 18th April 2016 from Thames and Hudson.