Monday, May 9, 2016

Cozy Classics - Charles Dickens' Great Expectations by Holman and Jack Wang (Chronicle Books)

Think your little babies are too young to embrace literary classics? Think again! Cozy Classics are back with a fab slice of Dickens for your tiny tots!
How we love the Cozy Classics range. We've previously reviewed several of the previous Cozy Classics (and you can find our original review here) back when Charlotte was a tinier tot.

It's lovely to see Jack and Holman Wang adding to the range each year with a new batch of Cozy Classics, bringing their own interpretation to Charles Dickens' fantastic "Great Expectations".

We meet young Pip as he embarks on his journey through life, told here with the most awesome needle-felted models and intentionally minimalist text.

If anything, this new book features even more detailed illustrations than before, as through Pip's eyes we see the Dickensian London brought to life exquisitely and all the well-loved characters like Pip, Miss Havisham and Estella decked out in felted finery.

Meet young Pip. Destined for great things!
Everything about these little books is perfect. They're beautifully presented and plenty sturdy enough to resist even the most ardent chewing. Of course, tinies might not immediately identify with the stories and characters but as they grow older and seek out these well loved classics, they'll instantly have a point of reference from when they were tots.

Pretty indeed!
Bold text helps to underpin the glorious models and illustrations perfectly making them visually appealing to quite a wide age range.

We had a lot of fun imagining which other classics we'd love to see adapted by the super-talented Wang brothers (personally I'd really love to see them adapt a few Jules Verne stories, or even Poe though that might be a bit too dark for most tiddlers!)

"Cozy Classics - Great Expectations" is out now from Chronicle Books

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