Monday, May 9, 2016

Make it Grow by Debbie Powell (Frances Lincoln Children's Books)

The glorious and beautifully illustrated cover hides treasures within. A beautiful little book for your tiny tiddlers learning about colours and the world around them...
"Make it Grow" is a completely gorgeous little lift-the-flap book by Debbie Powell. Perfect for  little ones who are naturally curious about their world and the fabulous flora that grows around them.

Each page spread has lots of awesome flaps to investigate as children can literally make the plants magically appear themselves with their busy little fingers.

The best is saved till last, a fabulous colourful rainbow that children can recap all the colours they've learned throughout the book.

It's suitable for 3 and up and although Charlotte claims she's 'too old for baby books' she couldn't resist the lift-the-flap fun (she never can!) and thought this book was truly delightful and attractive, so your toddlers will love it to bits.

"Make it Grow" was released on 3rd March 2016 from Frances Lincoln Children's Books

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