Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Dare to Care: Pet Dragon by Sally Symes and Mark Robertson (Frances Lincoln Children's Books)

At one time or another, most kids want a pet. What if you had loftier ambitions though and wanted a pet dragon?
Thankfully Sally Symes and Mark Robertson have got you covered with a fabulously funny and beautifully illustrated spoof self-help guide to getting the most from your fire-breathing pal.

"Dare to Care: Pet Dragon" is a wickedly hilarious take on pet care manuals for would-be Daenerys Targaryens.

Fans of "How to Train your Dragon" will love this book, packed to the gills with the most fantastic illustrations and full of useful information and snippets of facts and figures to ensure your scaly companion is kept in tip-top health.

"Dare to Care: Pet Dragon" is out now from Frances Lincoln Children's Books. Watch you don't singe your curtains with it, won't you!

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