Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Pick up a pack of Pilot's fantastic new Frixion Colouring Pens - A ReaditDaddy "Cool Stuff" Road Test

Pilot's new Frixion Colouring Pens come in a handy carrying pack. 

I think it's safe to say that we're slightly obsessed with doodling, drawing and colouring (as any of our regular followers here, on Facebook and on Twitter will confirm). Charlotte is working towards her pen licence (did you know there was such a thing in school? You do now!) so having pens that can be easily erased sounds almost too good to be true.

We've purchased Pilot's fantastic "Frixion" pens before but Pilot were kind enough to send us some of their new colouring pen range to road test, along with their erasable highlighters and my personal fave, a Frixion pen with purple ink (which is AWESOME for drawing with!).

So let's take a look at these brilliant pens!

Charlotte loves drawing fashion girls, and got straight to work with the pens
The Frixion range feature an innovative ink that 'rubs out' just like you'd rub a pencil mark out. The ink reacts to friction (hence the name) so each comes equipped with a hard rubber nub on the end. Make a mistake, and you can use the eraser to undo your mistakes. It's the closest thing you're going to get to a "CTRL-Z" in real life! Love it!

Frixion colouring, writing and highlighter pens. Not only do they write and draw like a dream, they look durned cool too!
We both really enjoyed drawing with the pens. I am always on the lookout for pens that don't smudge, dry quickly and don't blob (my mainstay drawing pen apart from traditional ink and nib stuff is a Pilot G2 - a rather nice little pocket-sized gel pen that is fab for a bit of inky doodling while out and about).

They would be fantastic for school (in fact Charlotte has tucked hers into her pencil case ready for that glorious day she's finally allowed to write in pen). I'd take mine to work but I know how long good pens last when left on my desk (perhaps if the next Frixion range come with a homing device to stop nasty pen thieves from walking off with them, I might just rethink!)

Just the ticket for a fussy madam who loves perfecting her art. Charlotte is VERY impressed with these!

You can find out more about the Frixion range and Pilot's other fantastic products on the Pilot Website:

Follow Pilot UK on Twitter too! @pilotpenuk

(Frixion Pens kindly provided for review by Pilot UK).

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