Tuesday, 31 May 2016

I am NOT a Dinosaur (American Museum of Natural History) by Will Lach, Jonny Lambert, with a foreword by Dr Mark Norell (Sterling Publishing)

We have seen many, many, MANY Dinosaur books on the blog and honestly we really cannot get enough of them. As well versed in the various species as we are, we do love a new approach to diving into prehistory and examining the beasts that stomped the earth, swam the oceans or soared in the skies long before we came along.

So it's been a fabulous learning journey looking through a book that proudly proclaims "I am NOT a Dinosaur!" on its cover.

What the book does is delves into more unfamiliar territory than talking about T-Rexes or shouting about Stegosauruses. 11 of the 16 species examined here (including our long long lost and distant ancestors) aren't dinosaurs at all, but may well have rubbed shoulders with the more well known species that hoover up all the glory and recognition.

So within, we'll learn a bit more about the fearsome Pterosaurs that flew on lizardy wings, the truly awesome giant sloth that could quite happily lean in your bedroom window for a lazy chat, the Smilodo - the aptly named big-toothy cat that you really wouldn't want to try and feed kitty treats to.

Beautifully designed and packed with information, with some really gorgeous illustrations this is a not-dinosaur book with a difference and we've really enjoyed it immensely.

"I am NOT a Dinosaur" is out now from Sterling Publishing.