Monday, 30 May 2016

LOL - A Keepsake Journal of Hilarious Q & As by Brandon T. Snider (Sterling Children's Books)

There comes a time in every child's life where they realise that there's a metric ton of hilarity in putting mum and dad on the spot.

Embarrassing your parents is, after all, fitting payback for all the times they've gobbed on a hankie and wiped your chin with it, or loudly asked in a sing-song voice "Do you need a wee?" while you're out in public.

With "LOL, a Keepsake Journal of Hilarious Q & As" it's time for sweet sweet revenge for all those degrading and demeaning moments where mum and dad have overshared.

Get your best pens and pencils out, and become a real nosy parker with some choice questions (which you can also turn on your friends at school too), filling in the blanks in this spiral-bound journal so that you've got documentary evidence of all the dirt on 'em. Who knows when that stuff might come in useful later on.

Would mum run up to a stranger and kiss them in public? Would you wave at a little old lady crossing the road (er, I have been known to do this). Would you eat a bug for a bet? These and many, many more questions are packed into this rather original little book that kids can have a lot of fun with and really make their own.

It's also fun to come up with your own questions. Charlotte, of course, rose to the challenge admirably and we're beginning to think that a raise in pocket money might be on the cards as she now has a book full of delicious blackmail material should we ever forget to pop a few coins into her piggy bank at the end of the week.

"LOL - A Keepsake Journal of Hilarious Q & As" by Brandon T. Snider is out now from Sterling Children's Books.