Friday 27 May 2016

ReadItDaddy's Book of the Week - Week Ending 27th May 2016 - "The Sky Guys" by Madeleine Rogers (MIBO / Button Books)

This book won us over with a rather neat combination of glorious design, simple text and 5 great little bird models to make, with additional scenery (neatly, the book's protective fly-cover pops off to become a dazzling backdrop). Meet the Sky Guys!

Books for younger children are actually more challenging than you think. You've got to think about your target audience who (quite often) love books that are 'just the right length'. That is extremely tricky to get right.

The book needs to be attractive, eye-catching, with great cover appeal.

It also needs to be interesting - because kids demand books that sate their curiosity, whether they're constructing fantasy worlds that the children can lose themselves in, or delivering interesting facts about a particular subject.

"The Sky Guys" is the perfect example of a children's book for younger readers that ticks those boxes and more. Showing off 5 bird species and their amazing abilities, the subject really comes to life when kids (and a willing adult helper) delve into the envelope tucked away at the back of the book and find 5 easy to make bird models to pop out, construct and play with along with the story.

Charlotte's photo of her finished Sky Guys diorama. I love the lazy albatross :)

The wise owl, the mighty albatross, the greedy pelican, the diminutive hummingbird and the tall flamingo are all ready to leap off the page, and children will really love making the models and reading the stories about each bird.

What an utterly brilliant idea for a book!

Charlotte's favourite bit: Making the models and performing a little bird 'play' with them

Daddy's favourite bit: A brilliant combination of attractive design, great little bird-facts and superb easy to make models to play with as well. Fab book!

(Kindly sent to us for review by Button Books)

"The Sky Guys"

Written and Illustrated by Madeleine Rogers

Published by Mibo / Button Books

Publication Date: 20th May 2016