Tuesday, May 3, 2016

"It was so quiet I could hear a Pin Drop" by Andy Goodman (Princeton Architectural Press)

Here's a rather unique picture book, utilising simple but effective illustrations drawing on engravings and finely detailed stock artwork.

"It was so quiet I could hear a pin drop" is a whimsical story that makes you want to search out that one special place in your life - the place where you can find the ultimate slice of peace and quiet in the busy humdrum modern world.

Find your spot to hear a bee buzz, to hear grass blowing in the breeze or just complete silence punctuated only by the sound of your own heartbeat.

Andy Goodman's book is both beautiful and poetic, keeping the word count to a minimum but building up an amazing atmosphere as you read aloud to your little ones.

It's a book that really shouldn't work, really shouldn't be as lovely as it is but it simply does. Simply beautiful in fact!

"It was so quiet I could hear a pin drop" was released on 15th March 2016 from Princeton Architectural Press (Hardback Edition).

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