Monday, May 2, 2016

Where's Wally - The Colouring Book by Martin Handford (Walker Books)

Where's Wally (or Where's Waldo if you're tuning in from across the pond) is such an endearing character...
There is nothing more satisfying than picking up a "Where's Wally?" book and being lost for hours in each scene as you try to spot the bobble-hatted fellah languishing amongst huge busy detailed scenes.

But what if you took on the ultimate challenge - finding Wally in a book with no colour?

Well you can go one better because in "Where's Wally? The Colouring Book" you can take on the mighty task of finding Wally amongst the black and white pages - then spend satisfying hours colouring each scene in with your pens and pencils.

We were rather taken by the idea of a colouring book based on Wally, and it's brilliant fun, taxing and challenging and perfect for the on-off nice / rainy weather we've been having lately. Nothing passes the hours like some colouring and observational fun so dive in!

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