Monday, May 2, 2016

Little Collectors - Nature Art by Jenny Bowers (Frances Lincoln Children's Books)

Here's a neat and rather intriguing idea to enhance your days out with the aid of an innovative and fun activity pack...
"Little Collectors - Nature Art" by Jenny Bowers is, as you'd expect from Jenny, a fabulous and imaginative collection of activities to enjoy outdoors.

As regular weekend outdoorsy types, we love books that inspire us to get out into the fields and woods near our house and explore or find things that others may have missed.

Creativity is at the core of this fabulous pack, giving you a head start with two frames, a poster sheet, activity book and an expedition envelope to collect your finds - ready to bring home and make some fabulous art with.

The book is sturdy enough that it will withstand a bit of mud, and encourages children to colour, paint, crayon and doodle as well as organising their found treasures to look back on when the weather's a bit less forgiving and they're stuck indoors.

We loved this idea. Charlotte pointed out that she'd love to have seen some stickers etc in the book to label her finds but as it stands, it's a nice little package to stimulate your children's imaginations and get them looking at nature - and art - in an entirely new way.

"Little Collectors - Nature Art" was released on 3rd March 2016 by Frances Lincoln Children's Books

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