Monday, June 13, 2016

Amazing Daddy by Rachel Bright (Orchard Books)

Father's Day is coming up (June 19th, set a date in your diary) and here's a book that would be a great pressie for a little one aiming to encourage dad to do their bedtime reading duty!
Rachel Bright's endlessly cute "Amazing Daddy" sums up all the things that make dads great.

I know this because Charlotte rather unflatteringly pointed out that the daddy panda in this book was like me in so many ways.

"He's round like you, Daddy!"

"He's silly like you, Daddy!"

"He's a little bit useless like you, Daddy!"

Fantastic, I have two scathing critics at home (Mummy also joins in quite vociferously as Charlotte witheringly points out my various character traits and foibles) though Rachel Bright has a very nice line in dadtastic observations:

Of course I dress up as a superhero. I'm a dad, it's what we do!
Why yes, brilliant is also what we do. Most of the time. 
By far our favourite spread in the entire book was this one:

I think I can tick just about all of these off. Can you?
Cute illustrations, lyrical rhyming, very little ones will love this sing-song little book. We're supremely confident even the most grumpy dad will too!

"Amazing Daddy" by Rachel Bright is out now from Orchard Books

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