Monday, June 13, 2016

Stave off the long summer holiday boredom with two utterly awesome new "Where's Wally" activity titles from Walker Books

 You know what it's like, don't you mums and dads. The prospect of the long summer holiday fills kids with excitement and fills most parents with dread (particularly working parents like us who would absolutely love to spend 6 weeks holiday with their little ones but can't afford to).

Around week 2, most kids enter that weird torpor where they've absolutely no idea what they want to do, so kick around the house bored out of their tiny little skulls.

Books to the rescue then! These two new "Where's Wally" activity titles from Martin Handford and Walker Books are so jam packed with fun things to do, stickers, observation challenges and a ton of other puzzles and activities, that your children will (hopefully) be completely engrossed by them for hour after hour.

"Where's Wally? Across Lands" and "Where's Wally? In Outer Space" cover the surface of the globe and then launch out into the cosmos while we search those busy and exquisitely detailed page spreads for that red-and-white-striped bobble-hatted fella and his friends Wanda, Odlaw and the wizard.

The observation challenges are still as tough as old boots (I think it takes a younger pair of eyes than mine to spot Wally and his pals). There are ace drawing and colouring challenges though, and I can definitely join in with those at least!

Each of the titles features over 100 stickers so once your little ones have exhausted their attempts to find Wally, they can get sticking.

These are fantastic books, we really can't get enough of the detail in these - each illustration truly does reveal something different every time you flick through, and there are so many spot challenges and extra quest items to find, it may well take you the whole 6 weeks to polish both books off completely.

Groovy word searches and colouring fun are dotted throughout the books to keep you busy!
Charlotte's best bit: Wanda is her fave so she always makes a bee line for trying to find her first.

Daddy's favourite bit: These books could well be the answer to your prayers this long summer holiday. If the weather is rubbish or great, grab one (or both) of these and get busy spotting, doodling, solving, colouring and sticking!

(Kindly sent to us for review by Walker Books)

"Where's Wally Across Lands" and "Where's Wally in Outer Space"

Written and Illustrated by Martin Handford

Published by Walker Books

Publication Date: 2nd June 2016

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