Wednesday, 20 July 2016

50 Things You Should Know About The Tudors by Rupert Matthews (QED Publishing)

Now for a slice of truly tempestuous history as the "50 Things" range covers 118 years of Tudor Rule in England...
"50 Things you should know about The Tudors" is another brilliant addition to the 50 Things range. This time we examine the reign of several monarchs in the Tudor period, starting with Henry VII and ending with Elizabeth I and of course covering in great detail the fascinating (and somewhat bloody) life of Henry VIII and his six wives.

Tudor history has long been fascinating to Charlotte ever since school covered the period briefly. Since then, we've delved into the Tudor lineage to discover more about the life and times of the kings and queens of the Tudor period, and the amazing changes that undertook England and the rest of Britain at the time.

The 15th and 16th Centuries were times of great discovery, with huge advances in science and medicine as well as deep exploration of the hithero undiscovered parts of the world. There were also huge advances in philosophy and literature and of course one William Shakespeare lived in the latter part of Tudor rule (in fact we find out that Elizabeth 1st was a huge fan of Shakespeare's work and often attended performances at The Globe).

The book is packed with amazing snippets of information, brilliant infographics and sumptuous illustrations. It's a truly fascinating title and will keep your young history nuts occupied for hours.

"50 things you should know about the Tutors" is out now from QED Publishing.