Tuesday, 26 July 2016

A bumper crop of picture book lovelies coming from Little Tiger Press in August

Little Tiger Press have been consistently producing some of the best picture books on the planet for a long time, and they're really going to blow your tiger-striped socks off in August with four new titles hitting the shelves. Let's take a look in our purring grab-bag...

First up is "The Messy Book" by Maudie Powell-Tuck and Richard Smythe. Mess is a subject dear to many little ones (and a nightmare for parents who can see a lovely clean living room reduced to a colourful mess of colouring pencils, tissue paper, toys, lego and goodness knows what else in a matter of seconds once little ones get their way - doubly so at this time of the year!). But the mess creator this time is a cat who absolutely refuses to clean up!

Dog tries desperately to convince Cat (with help from Giraffe, Penguin and a whole host of other animals) that a tidy house is a comfy house, but it's taking some doing. Little ones will absolutely adore reading along to this one, and Richard Smythe's fantastic Jon Klassen-like illustrations are a complete win for us.

"The Messy Book" is out on 28th July from Little Tiger.

More animal capers abound in "The Great Aaa-ooo!" by Jonny Lambert.

Mouse is scampering home through the deep dark rackety wood and as he scampers he hears a fearsome "AAA-OOO!"

What could be making that horrible blood-curdling howl? Could it be Owl, Moose, Bear or Goose? Or could it be ...a monster?

A superb bedtime read (despite the initial 'scary' aaa-ooo, great to join in with the hooting and howling though!). Jonny Lambert's endearing and awesome animal creations and illustrations really make this book stand out. What is The Great Aaa-ooo though? Hah, we're not going to tell you, you'll have to read this fantastic book to find out.

Out on August 1st from Little Tiger.

Next, it's a rootin' tootin' pencil-packing galoot with a big hat and an equally big heart.

"Paws McDraw - The Fastest Doodler in the West" by Connah Brecon is a hugely entertaining story of a super-sketching hound with fabulous drawing skills. Paws can knock up the perfect drawing in no time at all.

A gaggle of sneaky Racoons are out to make mischief at the annual Bunny Cupcake Carnival.

Can even a super-swift sketcher like Paws put up with those nefarious furry miscreants?

Who knows, maybe you can help Paws with your own doodles (though we'd politely ask you not to draw in the book, tempting as it may seem!)

A hugely original and entertaining book for cowboy-obsessed little ones (yes, like Charlotte!), "Paws McDraw" is out on 1st August from Little Tiger.

Last but by no means least...another dark and delicious tale of mythical mysterious monsters...

"There's No Such Thing as a Snappenpoop" will definitely strike a chord with those of us with older (or younger) siblings. Little Brother always wants to play with his big brother but big bro is a bit of a meanie (big brothers usually are, right sis / bro?)

Little Brother will not be allowed to join in Big Brother's game until he tracks down a Snappenpoop.

But everybody knows there's no such thing as a Snappenpoop ...or IS there?

Picture book superstar Jeanne Willis is teamed up with debut illustrator Matt Saunders for a book packed with magical creatures and bossy brothers. We loved the delicious twist in the tail of this tale! "There's No Such Thing as a Snappenpoop" is out on 1st August from Little Tiger.

Stay stripy!