Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Oi, Dog! By Kes and Claire Gray and Jim Field (Hodder Children's Books)

Frog has just about had enough. It's time for a change, a huge massive change and Frog is starting right here, right now...!
In "Oi, Frog!" we found out that various animals love to sit on something that rhymes with their name. Which was rather unfortunate when we found out that Frog loves to sit on his log. But Dog loves to sit on...Frog?

Not very nice being sat on by an overweight Basset Hound so in this laugh-out-loud sequel, frog is about to completely discombobulate the flux and flow of the universe.

No dog, you will no longer sit on Frog. Dog will sit on Log but with this one seemingly insignificant and tiny change, Frog sets off a domino effect. Cat may now have to sit on poor skinny gnat!

Spiders may want to precariously perch on gliders!

Whales? Nails!

Oh dear, you see the chaos you can cause with one tiny little change?
It gets worse as each animal is issued with a new place to sit. Frog is adamant that his master plan will be observed. Or perhaps in the end Frog might realise that the minor inconvenience of being sat on by dog is actually the price you have to pay for being...well...frog!

The last page is a neat and very funny twist though!

Brilliantly funny, a fantastic sequel. Don't miss!

Charlotte's favourite bit: Elephants sitting on smelly pants? Ewww!

Daddy's favourite bit: Deliriously glorious rhymes, a guffaw-out-loud sequel that once again had us trying to think up all sorts of animals to match with their favourite place to sit (We managed to come up with Gorillas and Pillars, Aye-Ayes and Pie-Eyes and Guinea Pigs & figs!)

(Kindly sent to us for review by Hodder Children's Books).

"Oi, Dog!"

Written by Kes and Claire Gray

Illustrated by Jim Field

Published by Hodder Children's Books

Publication Date: 28th July 2016