Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Dogs in Cars by Felix Massie and Emmanuelle Walker (Flying Eye Books)

With a whoop of glee and a happy honk of its horn, "Dogs in Cars" toots into town...
Charlotte is officially "Done" with ABC and Counting books but now and again someone comes up with a title in either category that just blows us away with glorious design and awesome illustrations.

Whether you're on team Dog or team Cat, you can't resist the lure of a book that promises to help little ones count up to 100 in a hugely amusing and brilliant way.

Felix Massie and Emmanuelle Walker have come up trumps with "Dogs in Cars" which features an uproariously fantastic selection of pampered pooches, their (usually exasperated) owners, and their conveyances of choice.

Oh and what fantastic conveyances there are. We love any book that scrambles together amazing vehicles and this one really is no exception...

A corgi (or three) can be helpful when it comes to a flat tyre
Sleek sportsters, rumbling station wagons, an awesome 2CV and a rough tough off-roader are just some of the vehicles you'll find crammed into this brilliant, brilliant book.

Team Cat fans will even get a look in later on in the book but we'll leave that particular surprise for you to discover.

"Dogs in Cars" by Felix Massie and Emmanuelle Walker is out on September 1st, published by Flying Eye Books. 

Toot toot, woof woof!