Wednesday 31 August 2016

The Road Home by Katie Cotton and Sarah Jacoby (Frances Lincoln Children's Books)

Did you know that books have voices? There's obviously the 'voice' you read out loud with. There's also the voice in your head as you read through silently in awe...
Katie Cotton and Sarah Jacoby's glorious "The Road Home" has the sort of inner voice that feels like a drop of honey on the end of the tongue, or the brush of a feather on your bare foot.

A story that encompasses the forces of nature, the amazing animals we share our planet with, and their own trials and tribulations as the seasons segue from spring to summer, from autumn to winter.

This beautiful book takes us on a journey with some of the animals, as a bird flees home with her chick before the winter sets in, a tiny mouse starts to build her nest for warmth and safety, and a group of rabbits run for cover away from snarling wolves who patrol the woods.

This book's inner voice is a lilting and beautiful melodic one, as Katie's lovely story flows gloriously from each page, accompanied by atmospheric and ethereal illustrations from Sarah.

As our favourite season ushers in, and the bright green leaves on the trees slowly turn brown, we're ready for books like this. We're utterly ready to wrap ourselves up in our favourite blanket and read gorgeous tales like this before bed.

Utterly captivating!

"The Road Home" is released on 8th September 2016, published by Frances Lincoln Children's Books (kindly supplied for review)