Saturday, August 13, 2016

Don't miss the first in a new series of amazing classics, coming from Nosy Crow

A new range of beautifully presented classic children's stories are being given a new lease of life, courtesy of award-winning independent publishers Nosy Crow.

The first of these will be "The Velveteen Rabbit", Margery Williams' timeless classic story about a toy rabbit who wishes he was real. With new illustrations by Sarah Massini, and a gorgeous new inlaid foil cover on special hardback versions, it should be a sure-fire hit for an early addition to your christmas present book list.

"The Velveteen Rabbit" is a cherished toy that muses on what it takes to become real. A wise friend observes that you have to be well loved, a little bit worn, perhaps a little older before you can be 'real' but the restless rabbit wants to know more - and when left out in the rain one balmy summer's evening, the rabbit soon finds out that he's not quite as real as he thought.

The original story will be presented in its unabridged form for the new book, and the preview copy we took a look at was filled with the most gorgeous illustrations in Sarah's characterful style. We can't wait to see a finished copy as this is one of our all-time favourite classic stories.

"The Velveteen Rabbit" will be released on September 1st 2016, published by Nosy Crow.