Monday, August 15, 2016

The Arty Book by Nikalas Catlow and David Sinden (Bloomsbury Publishing)

Oh how I miss TV programmes like Take Hart and Art Attack. Encouraging children to get involved with doodling, drawing, sketching, painting - whatever it takes to bring out their creative and imaginative sides - is something we're hugely interested in.

So it's lovely to see a fantastic new book that's full of brilliant art ideas.

"The Arty Book" by Nikalas Catlow and David Sinden has just come out, published by Bloomsbury Publishing. Perfectly timed to stave off boring long summer days, it's full of neat little doodle projects to keep your little ones entertained.

Better still, the centre of the book contains a huge fold-out sheet of stickers to embellish their brilliant creations with. Awesome!

We've enjoyed the mini projects in here, more suited to younger ages but still a lot of fun for us both. You're never too old for a doodle, after all!

"The Arty Book" was released on 11th August by Bloomsbury Publishing.