Thursday, 18 August 2016

Two fab new titles for little ones from hugely talented author illustrator Britta Teckentrup

Britta Teckentrup is an immensely talented lady and we've been looking at two new books from Britta that are tons of fun.

The first is "One is Not a Pair" which is new from Big Picture Press.

We take a spotting journey of discovery with Britta as each page spread hides a fiendishly difficult to spot "odd one out"

Can your keen eyes pick the one that isn't a pair amongst this fab and colourful designs?

Here are some page samples to tempt you in (if that cover hasn't already won you over. We loved it!)

Ooh! Which toadstool stands alone, and doesn't belong with another?
Superfast planes flying in the sky. Which one is on its own?
With wonderful rhyming text to accompany the illustrations, this is a really gorgeous little spotting book. Out now from Big Picture Press.

Britta also has a new title coming from Prestel Publishing, introducing a brilliant little crow character who we instantly fell in love with...

In "Oskar Loves", meet Oskar the Crow who is full of joie de vivre. He invites us to learn a little bit more about his life, telling us all about the things he loves the most.

Oskar really loves taking his cute little fluffy cloud for a walk. Oskar LOVES Cherries.

What other things does Oskar love? Let's take a look at some sample pages..

You can see why we love Oskar so much, can't you!

Mmm! Nothing better than cherry pie and custard. Good choice, Oskar!
A glorious little picture book. "Oskar Loves" is out on 5th September 2016 from Prestel Publishing.