Wednesday, 28 September 2016

A very Happy book birthday and 30th Anniversary to Old Bear. Let's take a look at "Happy Birthday Old Bear" by Jane Hissey (Scribblers)

Can you believe that the Old Bear stories are 30 years old! We've been in love with the series since Charlotte was a tiny baby and I'm tickled pink that she still loves Old Bear and his friends as much now as she did when she was more interested in gumming books to death rather than reading them.

Jane Hissey's "Old Bear" celebrates in style with a fabulous new 30th Anniversary celebratory story. In fitting style, "Happy Birthday Old Bear" is a whole new adventure for Bear and his friends, including a new toy - a happy and adorable elephant named Elsie (Great name!)

Elsie wants to get something really special for Old Bear's birthday and comes up with the idea of designing and painting a fantastic umbrella to keep Old Bear dry when he's playing in the garden.

Elsie comes up trumps but when a huge gust of wind blows, it takes Elsie and the new umbrella away! Yikes!

It's up to the gallant gang of toys to mount a daring rescue attempt! Will Old Bear and Elsie make the birthday party and dig into that gorgeous birthday cake (and when we say gorgeous we really do mean gorgeous. Jane draws cakes that look good enough to pick off the page and scoff with a cup of earl grey! Perfect!!)

We've had the pleasure of seeing Jane's creations come to life many times as Charlotte has grown up, and each story is full of excitement and wonder that completely draws us in. Jane's trademark super-detailed pencil illustrations are sublime, and her stories are gentle and nostalgic, yet absolutely perfect for little ones who love their toys and perhaps have a favourite cuddly toy of their own.

She effortlessly breathes life into a book universe that, quite rightly, has been loved and revered by so many over the past 30 years so we tip our hats to Jane and of course to Old Bear and hope that there are many, many more stories to come.

Charlotte's favourite "Old Bear" Story: Ruby and the Naughty Cats, a story that STILL gets read regularly (we just can't get enough of those naughty, naughty kitties!)

Daddy's favourite "Old Bear" Story: "Jolly Snow" which is about as perfect a wintry story as it's possible to get. Absolutely adorable!

(Kindly sent to us for review by Scribblers / Jane Hissey)

"Happy Birthday Old Bear"

Written and Illustrated by Jane Hissey

Published by Scribblers

Publication date: 28th September 2016