Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Three new picture book corkers coming from Bloomsbury in October

The 6th of October is definitely a red letter day for fabulous children's picture books. Bloomsbury Publishing have three new arrivals popping up on that day so come along and say hello!

Tom (Herman's Letter) Percival once again delivers a deliciously brilliant picture book future classic in "By the Light of the Moon" - a gentle story that will help any child dealing with the upheaval and uproar of a house move.

Little Ivan finds his new house strange and can't sleep. His old house was warm, familiar and friendly and this new place definitely is not!

Poor Ivan lies awake and then sees a shimmering light come down from the sky. 

The light turns into a creature called a Moji, and it takes him on a fabulous night-time adventure, up high into space, bounding through starlit forests and down deep into the oceans. 

Ivan has never had so much fun! And the magical Moji shows him that soon the new house will feel like home. 

Brilliant and magical, and chock full of atmosphere, "By the Light of the Moon" by Tom Percival is released on 6th October, Published by Bloomsbury. 

Hugely talented Debi Gliori also has two new titles coming on the 6th...

"Little Owl's Egg" with illustrations by Alison Brown is a heartwarming tale of what it's like when you're expecting a new brother or sister, and you've been used to having all your parents' attention. 

Little Owl isn't at all pleased to hear that there's a baby owl in the egg Mummy has laid. So Mummy pretends it might be a baby penguin ... or crocodile ... or even an elephant! 

In the fun of imagining different kinds of siblings, Little Owl realises that a baby owl might just be the best thing of all, and starts to become more and more excited about the imminent arrival after all. 

Debi's books always impart soothing messages for children coping with different situations, and so many children will love the theme of this. 

"Little Owl's Egg" by Debi Gliori and Alison Brown arrives freshly hatched on 6th October, published by Bloomsbury. 

Last but by no means least, another fab book from Debi...

"Goodnight World" is a beautiful rhyming bedtime book that's guaranteed to settle even the most busy little bees. 

Goodnight ice and goodnight snow,
Goodnight lights above, aglow.

Join in reading aloud the list of important things to say goodnight to - ships, animals, plants, toys and, of course, the sun - in this gorgeous lyrical book. 

"Goodnight World" by Debi Gliori is published on 6th October by Bloomsbury.