Tuesday 27 September 2016

Deborah Patterson is back with two more utterly brilliant and inspirational writing books - "My Book of Stories: Write your Own Myths / Fairy Tales" (British Library Publishing)

I don't mind telling you - I need all the help I can get when it comes to inspiration for stories. We've previously loved Deborah Patterson's awesome inspirational books to help budding writers get their Shakespeare on, and write thrilling adventure stories.

Now Deborah is back with two more stunning books, this time delving into the rich history of myths and legends from many cultures across the globe and also a brilliant book examining some of the most well-loved fairy tales and how those stories work so well, and become so timeless.

British Library Publishing have filled the book with tons and tons of incredible images drawn from their own archives to help compliment Deborah's excellent observations and writing prompts. Tons of classic etchings, paintings and drawings by celebrated artists also serve as a brilliant inspiration for coming up with your own story ideas.

In "Write your own Myths", Deborah draws some amazing parallels between traditional story tropes and stories that have been handed down through generation after generation, until they become so widely recognised that virtually everyone recognises the plots, characters and settings. Egyptian, Norse, Persian, Celtic, Japanese - you name it and you'll find a myth or legend that may feel instantly recognisable to you, thanks largely to the fact that modern storytellers dip into those myths and legends for everything from children's stories to superhero movies.

In "Write your own Fairy Tales" once again Deborah spreads her net far and wide, catching the very best traditional fairy stories from Europe, the Middle East and further afield.

Well-loved tales are included that again are instantly recognisable thanks to modern treatments in children's books and movies. Hansel and Gretel, Baba Yaga, Little Red Riding Hood and many others are used to build up inspiring exercises and activities to help budding writers get off to a flying start in producing their own amazing stories.

"My Book of Stories: Write your own Myths" and "My Book of Stories: Write your own Fairy Tales" are both out today, 29th September 2016 - written by Deborah Patterson and published by British Library Publishing. Pick one up and be truly inspired!