Wednesday, September 7, 2016

How to Find a Friend by Maria S. Costa (Oxford Children's Publishing)

This zany new book is full of energy and two very busy little creatures...
"How to Find a Friend" features a buzzing bunny and a skittering squirrel who would both secretly love to find that one special friend. But with both rushing around all over the place, despite constantly bumping into each other they can't quite seem to make the connection.

It takes a savvy snail to point out the error of their ways. Finding a friend is pretty easy, you just need to know where to look!

Maria's book is fast-paced and fizzing with busy energy, perfect for your over-energetic little ones. It's a great book to accompany those who may be moving up to big school for the first time, wondering whether they're going to make new friends (you will, trust us you will!)

"How to Find a Friend" by Maria S. Costa is out now from Oxford Children's Publishing / OUP.

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Mikey B said...

Where can I find this book. I need to learn how to find that special friend.