Wednesday 7 September 2016

One Thing (A Charlie and Lola Book) by Lauren Child (Orchard Books)

The timeless appeal of Charlie and Lola continues in this fantastic counting book for younger children. Just in time for the move up to 'big school' here's "One Thing"...
We love Lauren Child's books (and we really loved seeing some of her work 'in real life' at a recent exhibition at a National Trust place). She effortlessly mixes the most glorious mixed-media pieces together to create fun and engaging stories.

Of course, Charlie and Lola are now megastars thanks to the awesome CBeebies show but don't forget there's a brilliant range of children's books to enjoy featuring this dynamic duo too.

In "One Thing", Charlie and Lola are on an amazing numerical journey as they venture out for the day, finding numbers, numbers all around!

We love the book's playfulness and sense of fun...

Two divided by two? Don't get the pip, it's easy once you know how...
Charlie is an excellent teacher as little sister Lola starts to explore and enjoy working with numbers.

SIZZLES! He's our fave!
There's lots in here to inspire little ones to begin their own number journeys (we love the idea of using numbered stickers on things to help with counting and adding).

A subtle nod to Alfred Hitchcock's "The Birds" ? No, it's a nifty way of describing number shapes!
"One Thing" (A Charlie and Lola Book) by Lauren Child is out now from Orchard Books.