Thursday 22 September 2016

Samson the Mighty Flea by Angela McAllister and Nathan Reed (Andersen Children's Books)

Roll up, roll up! Step right up ladies and gentleman for the strongest flea you'll ever see! Mighty Samson!
Now here's an adorable tale that might well cause a few itchy moments while reading, but ends up on such a heartwarming note that we couldn't help but instantly fall in love with it.

In "Samson, the Mighty Flea" we meet the titular hero who is the strongest little bug in Fleabag's Circus. He can lift many times his own weight, balancing a pea with ease, a stick proves no match for his muscles and even a baseball bat can be juggled and balanced on the tips of his tiny little fingers.

Samson loves his circus home, and has lots of friends - including his amazing and glamorous flea assistant Amelie. But fame is a fickle beast, and Samson soon realises that he wants to become the most famous flea in the world, taking his act on the road for fortune and glory.

With a sad goodbye, Amelie bids her friend farewell and sees him off on his travels. Samson soon finds that the big wide world is bigger and wider than he thought and it's not quite so easy to get noticed when you're tinier than tiny.

Meanwhile Amelie attempts to shore up the Fleabag Circus at home. Can the assistant make the transition to becoming the star of the show?

It's a joyous little book this, showing the good and bad side of fame and also highlighting that sometimes the very things you seek are right under your nose after all.

(we won't spoil the end but that was the moment that caused the biggest "Awwww" with us!)

Charlotte's favourite bit: The very last page, with Samson and Amelie and....

Daddy's favourite bit: A wonderful and heartwarming little tale, the story of Samson and Amelie is sure to delight little ones who will love the gentle rhymes and truly awesome artwork.

(Kindly sent to us for review by Andersen Children's Books)

"Samson the Mighty Flea"

Written by Angela McAllister

Illustrated by Nathan Reed

Published by Andersen Children's Books

Publication Date: 1st September 2016