Thursday, September 22, 2016

The Magical World of Amy Lee by Amy Lee (Scholastic)

Before we launch into our review of this bubblegum-coloured book full of amazing activities and stories, it's time to ask yourself a serious question...

"Are you cool?"

Well are you? Now you're happy with your answer, go and find your 8 year old son / daughter and ask them.

"Am I cool?"

If the answer is no, then you're very unlikely to be able to answer another question:

"Do you know who Amy Lee is?"

She's the YouTube sensation behind one of the biggest gaming stream channels for mighty girl gamers. Amy's particular obsession is also one of ours. We love all things MineCraft and Amy has created her own astonishing and cute world - known as The Land of Love, sharing her videos and creations with kids the world over.

Topping out at ridiculous numbers of views per day, her broadcasts are legendary and now Amy has put her name to an awesome new book, encouraging kids to step away from the screen for a moment to learn a little more about Amy and her amazing world - and her equally amazing friends.

You can catch a little of what Amy is about below:

("Animal Hospital" is probably one of Charlotte's favourite clips of Amy's amazing land of love. )

Amy's new book is her first foray into print. It's like an action-packed annual full of brilliant ideas to try in your own Minecraft creations but of course the real focus is on activities, puzzles and doodle exercises to stimulate your old grey matter and bring you round to Amy's way of thinking! Hugely positive, dosed to the gills with cute, find out more in "The Magical World of Amy Lee" out now from Scholastic.

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