Monday, 24 October 2016

88 ½ Science Experiments by Nick Arnold (QED Publishing)

Science is like magic to kids. Actually scrub that, a lot of the time the joy of books like 88 ½ Science Experiments is discovering that even you, as an adult, don't know everything...
Nick Arnold's awesome jam-packed science book is filled with a huge array of awesome experiments and tricks to try at home. Some are spectacularly messy, some you'll have seen before, but most really do make you feel like you're performing real live magic right in your own home.

As a quick example, do you know how to make plastic from milk? How to make fizzing explosions? Cool toys and wind-powered machines?

You'll find out inside with a set of really clear step by step instructions, brilliantly illustrated so that even the youngest would-be Einsteins and Teslas can get their tiny little lab coats on and make some real science happen.

It's a brilliant mix of brain-taxing and fact-finding fun as the book often asks some pretty tricky questions about the experiments you perform (before revealing the answers, so it doesn't feel too much like 'school').

Above all, the experiments in the book are designed to be easy enough to set up and source from stuff you'll already have at home (or fairly cheap bits and bobs to pick up in your local thrift store).

Yet another fantastic book making science fun!

"88 ½ Science Experiments" by Nick Arnold is out now, published by QED Publishing.