Monday, 24 October 2016

Art Play by Marion Deuchars (Laurence King Publishing)

Regular ReadItDaddy-ers will know how much we love getting messy with paints, chalks and drawing materials...
So of course we can't resist the fantastic books that Laurence King Publishing are coming up with at the moment.

Marion Deuchars' fantastic "Art Play" encourages children to give art a try. Rather than being a dry and technical 'how to' manual it emphasises the very thing that art should be - fun for all, regardless of your ability or skill.

The book opens by encouraging children to make simple marks, then lets their imagination take over with a whole host of fun and fabulous activities to get them using pencils, crayons, paint and ink in new and exciting ways - straight into the book too!

There are tons of brilliant ideas and each page spread opens out to give you space to start doodling or creating...

Try creating your own Rorschach tests!
Marion's easy text and simple instructions are purposely kept minimalistic so that kids can get down to the important business - getting creative!

Our favourite thing to do - drawing! Loads of great ideas and tips in this section!
It's a fab book, really right up our street and it'd be excellent for school or art activity groups who need some new ideas to make lessons or art workshops really pop!

Draw a creepy crawly to scare mum or dad with!
"Art Play" by Marion Deuchars is out today, published by Laurence King (Kindly sent for review)