Monday 24 October 2016

Knit yourself in knots and bake yourself some tasty pie! New books incoming from Maverick Publishing!

We're adoring Maverick's picture book range and they've got a couple of corkers that we've been lucky enough to have been sent for a sneaky peek at.

Amanda Brandon and Catalina Echeverri are back for more woolly antics following on from "A Scarf and a Half" and "A Box of Socks".

Granny Mutton is once again in a knitting frenzy in "A Knit and a Knot" - this time the lovely woolly old dear is spinning us a real yarn, trying to teach her grandson how to knit (I could never pick up the threads of how to from my own lovely Nan but I still wish I'd learned!)

Granny's favourite ball of wool has gone missing, so it's up to Lionel and his friend Rocky to track down the missing ball before Granny runs out!

As with the previous books, Amanda and Catalina have knitted up a gorgeous ticklish little story for your little ones. Granny Mutton is ace!

"A Knit and a Knot" is out now, published by Maverick Publishing. 

And if you're not in the mood for knitting, but are all of a frenzy about "The Great British Bake Off" you'll definitely love "As Nice as Pie" by Gary Sheppard and Tim Budgen.

Gary and Tim have the scrumptious recipe for picture book perfection. Meet Mavis, baker extraordinaire and bird lover. She loves to make the tastiest treats but one day when she feeds a bird a few crumbs, little does she suspect that the naughty birds will take advantage of her generosity.

Mavis must bake up a frenzy just to keep up!

A hilarious and fun tale that's perfect for pastry addicts.

"As Nice as Pie" is out in November, published by Maverick Publishing. 

(Both titles kindly supplied for review)