Friday, 21 October 2016

On Your Bike by Sir Chris Hoy and Clare Elsom (Piccadilly Press)

A fabulous book for bike-mad kids, from none other than Sir Chris Hoy himself. Time to get "On Your Bike!"
Ever since I was a kid, my bike was more than just a means of getting from A to B. I was lucky enough to have a BMX, a Raleigh Bomber (remember those?) and of course a selection of racing bikes with saddles like razor blades.

Knowing how to be safe on the roads is important, but kids can find out so much more in Sir Chris Hoy's awesome "On your Bike".

With illustrations from Clare Elsom, Chris takes you through the basics of tinkering with and taking care of your bike, getting to know all the moving parts before you take a ride.

There are tons of brilliant tips and tricks to get you up and running super-quick and downloadable videos also help to compliment the book's pages. There are some great shots of Sir Chris as a kid gadding about on his own steel steed - not difficult to see why cycling can become a complete obsession!

"On your Bike" is out today, published by Piccadilly Press.