Friday 21 October 2016

ReadItDaddy's Second Book of the Week - Week Ending 21st October 2016 - "The Dragon Keeper's Handbook" by Katie Haworth and Monica Armino (Templar Publishing)

We still love a good dragon book and this one is very special indeed! Our Second Book of the Week this week is "The Dragon Keeper's Handbook"...
Thinking about it, Dragons crop up in quite a lot of our favourite book series in one form or another. There are the amazing dragons in the "Harry Potter" books, stunning Dragons weaved into Celtic mythology and of course there's the "How to Train your Dragon" series which has gone from success to success.

In "The Dragon Keeper's Handbook" this exquisitely detailed tome helps would-be dragon wranglers get used to their new charges.

The book opens with you receiving a mysterious parcel in the post. A dragon's egg and now it's up to you to nurture your big scaly fire-breathing beastie without getting your fingers (or any other part of your body) charred.

The brilliant lift-the-flap book with some stunning pop-up sections is full of amazing little touches to delight and inspire dragon fans.

The real star of the show are the pop-ups though, which effortlessly leap out of the book to make you jump with glee.

Beautifully illustrated and written, it's a complete treat!

Charlotte's best bit: Identifying all the different dragon marks and species, lifting the flaps to find out more

Daddy's favourite bit: Really stunning illustrations, with a few cheeky nods to Cressida Cowell's dragon universe here and there, but standing out on its own as a beautifully presented and gloriously detailed dragon book.

(Kindly sent for review by Templar Publishing)

"The Dragon Keepers Handbook"

Written by Katie Haworth

Illustrated by Monica Armino

Published by Templar Publishing

Publication Date: 6th October 2016