Monday, 24 October 2016

We won an award! Nominated and winner of "Champion Adult Blogger" in the 2016 UK YABA Blogger Awards.

This year's UKYA "YABA" Awards have finally netted us the very first blogger award for Read It, Daddy. It was a huge honour to be nominated in the "Champion Adult Blogger" category, along with several other brilliant bloggers in various categories. You can find the full nominees list here:

The winners were announced over the weekend, and we managed to snaffle the Champion Adult Blogger award, with votes coming from a selection of amazing publishers we're very happy to have been chosen by including:

Walker Books

Mira Ink

Bloomsbury Publishing

Little Tiger Press

Hachette UK

Penguin Books

Egmont UK

Faber & Faber

Hot Key Books

Catnip Publishing

Chicken House Books

We're very humbled and hugely grateful for the win. We both put a lot of work into making ReadItDaddy an entertaining and enjoyable read and it's lovely to see some feedback and recognition like this.

Congratulations to the other winners, and once again a huge thanks to all concerned from both of us.

Here's to 2017 being an even more amazing and bumper year for books than 2016 has been.