Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Nature Explorer Guide for Kids by Michael Leach and Meriel Lland (QED Publishing)

Ah! The great outdoors. Even though the colder weather is nipping at our noses and cheeks, we still love getting out and about...
And we love taking books like this with us when we take off at the weekends for a bit of exploring. "Nature Explorer Guide for Kids" might have the world's most no-nonsense title but this book from Michael Leach and Meriel Lland encourages children to switch off their television sets and go out and do something less boring instead (bonus points if you can guess which 70s and 80s kids TV show I just stole that line from).

This handy book is easy to tuck into your backpack before you take off out into the great outdoors, and inspires the imagination with some brilliant tricks and tips on enjoying the countryside.

Track animal species by their footprints and their, er, poo. Test out your photography skills with some utterly fantastic tips on wildlife photography and set up your own fantastic den to tuck yourself away in while you observe the comings and goings of the woodland creatures inhabiting your locale.

Awww, are these not the cutest little fellas you've ever seen?
The book is nicely divided up into easy to digest sections so kids can get the most out of the subjects. Illustrated throughout with awesome full colour photo plates, it's a great way to enhance your own bushcraft and woodland skills.

What lurks in the woods at night? Find feathers or hair and identify the animals or birds that dropped them!
"Nature Explorer Guide for Kids" is out now from QED Publishing (Kindly supplied for review).