Thursday, November 3, 2016

Awesome Harry Potter-themed model building action with the Incredibuilds books by Jody Revenson (Studio Press)

Harry Potter still pretty much rules our bookshelves at home. I'm delighted to say that Charlotte took to the stories of the boy wizard and his best chums Hermione and Ron like a duck to water - or should that be like a Hippogriff to the stormy air above Hogwarts Lake.

We love all things HP and we were delighted when two fantastic "Incredibuilds" books dropped through our letterbox like a pair of mischievous snitches.

Tucked within the book is a fabulous wooden model to make (you can choose from four models currently, a Golden Snitch, Buckbeak the Hippogriff, Aragog the Acromantula and everyone's favourite house elf Dobby).

Models are nice and easy to put together, and can also be painted for an even more stunning effect (we kinda like 'em in their natural wood finishes though, they look so GREAT!)

Better still, each book contains top secret information about each creature and how it was brought to life for the movie versions of the books.

Charlotte was particularly impressed by the near-ful-scale Aragog model that was made for the movies - and by "impressed" I mean she made exactly the same face Ron Weasley did as Harry and Ron tried to escape from the Forbidden Forest from Aragog and his children.

The behind-the-scenes stuff is truly fantastic, seeing the creatures go from being concept sketches and drawings to full-on prop and digital monsters in their own right.

It goes without saying that sticking one of these into any Harry Potter fan's stocking this christmas is a sure-fire win.

"Incredibuilds" are also available for a wide range of subjects, with the Harry Potter range available from today. Go grab a 'gog or a Bucky!