Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Stone Underpants by Rebecca Lisle and Richard Watson (Maverick Publishing)

We're going back to the stone age for our next booky adventure. Here's "Stone Underpants" by Rebecca Lisle and Richard Watson...
Poor Pod, pity the little fellah. You see back in the Stone Age, when Marks and Spencers were merely known as "Ugh and Ughers", no one had a comfortable pair of scuddies to call their own.

Pod is no exception. He really wants to go and play with his friends but - well you know how it is - you can't turn up completely nekkid! So Pod's parents come up with all sorts of ideas to cover Pod's embarrassment. Pants. Made of stone. Owch.

They try many, many materials in this hilarious stone-age romp - but will they find the perfect pair of Jurassic Y-fronts for Pod to gad around in?

This is Rebecca Lisle's debut and it's hilariously funny with great illustrations by Richard Watson.

"Stone Underpants" is out on November 3rd, Published by Maverick Publishing (Kindly sent for review).