Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Charles Darwin's Around the World Adventure by Jennifer Thermes (Abrams Books)

Oooh we do love a gorgeous and pretty book, but one that's full of depth, history and a brilliant look at one of Science's true pioneers? Sign us up!
"Charles Darwin's Around the World Adventure" by Jennifer Thermes is just such a book. Chronicling the early life and career of the world-famous botanist and naturalist,  Darwin loved exploring the world as much as theorising about life on earth and how it evolved.

At the tender age of 22, Darwin embarked on his first voyage aboard a ship called the Beagle. That voyage has become synonymous with Darwin's amazing evolutionary theories and later work publishing "The Origin of Species" which, at the time, was a world-shattering publication that drew admiration and criticism in equal measure.

Jennifer's gorgeous book follows Charles as he explores South America for the first time. He encounters a volcano, a glacier and an earthquake and survives a harrowing five-year journey before returning home to England, determined to devote his life to the natural world.

From a very early age, Darwin was hugely interested in the natural world around him

The book comes with mesmerizing map work and glorious illustrations charting his voyage. As an introduction to Darwin for children, we can think of no finer book for your little ones to begin their own amazing adventures in learning all about this fascinating figure.

This truly gorgeous book comes with fantastic maps charting Darwin's progress aboard the HMS Beagle

"Charles Darwin's Around the World Adventure" by Jennifer Thermes is out now, published by Abrams Books (Kindly supplied for review).