Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Hands-On Science by Sarah Kellett, David Shaw and Kath Kovac (Csiro Publishing)

We are LOVING the huge surge of interest in science for kids. As regular attendees of our local Saturday Science clubs here in Oxfordshire, we love to bring some of the cool science we've learned back home with us too...!
"Hands on Science" from Csiro gathers together 50 brilliant experiments and scientific activities that you can try out in the comfort and safety of your own home. Hugely immersive and interactive experiments aim to show core scientific principles using stuff you can source easily from your ingredients cupboard or from around the house (though it's always a great idea to A) get an adult to help you and B) wear old clothes and put loads of newspaper down before you start!)

Learn how to make a battery using just lemons! Learn how to make the ickiest gooiest slime and colour it in all the colours of the rainbow. Learn how to make a mummy out of a chicken wing (we must admit, that bit made us go a bit green around the gills) or turn a chicken bone into rubber.

The activities cover electricity and magnetism, sound and light, heat and motion, water and gases, living things, shapes and our planet Earth. 

Each activity has a simple list of materials required, and uses simple step-by-step instructions and drawings to enable you to create exciting and interesting reactions, experiments and inventions. Fast facts and quiz questions will help you test your knowledge, and you’ll also find an explanation of the science behind each activity, along with examples of how each principle works in the real world.

Brilliantly presented with tons of facts behind the science too, "Hands on Science" is available now, published by Csiro.