Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Vertical Worlds Colouring Book by Abi Daker (Abrams Publishing)

We've seen 'grown up' colouring books for so many subjects...
We've seen colouring books about Harry Potter, colouring books about Discworld, we've even seen a really bizarre Donald Trump colouring book but the ones we love the best are the ones where you can spend hour after hour colouring in a glorious little world you'd quite happily live in.

So it is with the fabulous "Vertical Worlds Colouring Book" by Abi Daker.

This long-format book walks tall, and means business so you'd better be very good at staying within the lines - each and every architectural wonder within this lovely book is exquisitely intricate and demands a steady hand and eye.

You'll find gothic cathedrals of wonder, amazing treehouses full of adventure, glorious cityscapes and spires jutting into the heavens...

You can tell we liked this one a lot, right?

A vertical cathedral. You could be colouring this for HOURS!
"Vertical Worlds" by Abi Daker" is out now, published by Abrams Publishing.