Friday 25 November 2016

ReadItDaddy's Second Book of the Week - Week Ending 25th November 2016 - "The Land of Nod" by Robert Louis Stevenson and Robert Hunter (Flying Eye Books)

Our Second Book of the Week blissfully dances between sleepy dreamtime and real life as a young boy enters..."The Land of Nod"
Flying Eye Books have consistently proved themselves open to publishing titles that not only look fantastic, but challenge children's curiosity and imagination in equal measure.

Taking one of Robert Louis Stevenson's short poems for children, and adapting it into the perfect pre-bedtime read, Robert Hunter's version of "The Land of Nod" once again makes children feel that there is indeed magic in the world, and that the adventure doesn't stop just because you need to sleep.

The nameless young boy in the story settles down for the night, surrounded by his favourite toys and as he drifts off, those toys become his steadfast and gallant companions on a nighttime adventure. The Land of Nod is full of wonders to behold, and dangers to be faced...

The boy's toys come magically to life as he enters the Land of Nod
The boy's journey is a stunning visual feast as the book unfolds, but we don't just go for pretty books on this blog - we like a story that reveals hidden depths, delicious details and wonderful book memories to build on. Naturally this one ticks all those boxes and then some...

The Land of Nod is full of excitement and peril. Sometimes you need a mess of help to stand alone!
The wonderful twist in the story is kept right until the last couple of pages - something happens in the dream world that mirrors the real waking world and it's such a deftly performed feat of marrying story to illustration that it really is a breathtaking piece of work. As we've already said, it's a looker this book but it makes you think too and we LOVE that.

Enter The Land of Nod. It'll be an unforgettable journey!

Charlotte's favourite bit: All the amazing giant-sized versions of the boy's toys ready to join him on an adventure

Daddy's favourite bit: A gorgeous and luxurious book with a fabulous twist and message conveyed with the sort of flair and brilliance we always expect from authors and illustrators lucky enough to find themselves under Flying Eye's wing. A feast, a veritable book feast so fully indulge yourself, it's glorious!

(Kindly sent to us for review by Flying Eye Books)

"The Land of Nod"

Written by Robert Louis Stevenson

Illustrated by Robert Hunter

Published by Flying Eye Books

Publication Date: 1st October 2016