Saturday, 10 December 2016

Booky Advent Calendar Day 10 - "Snowflake in my Pocket" by Rachel Bright and Yu Rong (Walker Books)

A delicious December-ey book now for our 10th day of Christmas...It's "Snowflake in my Pocket" by Rachel Bright and Yu Rong...
Snow. I miss snow. I think we stopped getting snow the exact same year we went and bought Charlotte her first sledge, ironically. Still, at least there are plenty of gorgeous snowy books around so that we can live vicariously through Little Squirrel in this delicious little tale.

In "Snowflake in my Pocket" winter is coming and with it the first signs of snow.

As the first few flakes wisp and whistle around, Squirrel decides that this year rather than hibernating he's going to stick around.

He has a good reason. His best friend Bear is sick and Squirrel won't go to sleep until Bear is feeling much better. Maybe a silvery snowflake might cheer Bear up a bit?

The book uses a lovely little window into Squirrel's home as he busies himself, a neat and innovative bit of storytelling complimented by gorgeous paper-cut illustrations and a truly magical wintry feel.

"Snowflake in my Pocket" is out now, published by Walker Books (kindly sent for review).