Sunday 11 December 2016

Booky Advent Calendar Day 11 - Time for some awesome colouring fun with two new Harry Potter-inspired titles from Studio Press

If there's one thing sure to keep kids busy over the festive period when the batteries in their other toys have run down (or been removed by parents who can't stand all the electronic beeping and burping), it's a fantastic colouring book or two.

Which is rather good because we've got two awesome titles to talk about today and though they're not particularly festive (unless you count Ron's mum's terrible taste in Christmas sweaters) they're bound to be a massive hit with your Harry Potter-obsessed mini-wizards and witches.

Whoops of glee greeted these two arriving in our review pile as Charlotte is very much a Potter-tot! Though she has a rather worrying tendency to croon over Draco Malfoy, and proudly proclaims that she'd choose Slytherin if she got into Hogwarts.


The Harry Potter colouring books are something of a sales phenomenon, shifting in ridiculous amounts since they were launched by Warner Bros / Studio Press.

We're now up to Book 3 in the series, this time covering "Magical Places and Characters" - showing off some of the amazing locations from the movies and books, and also as many of your favourite goodies (and baddies).

Of course it goes without saying that Charlotte's 2nd favourite character features heavily...

Ah Hermione! We love you!
(She does love Hermione, thankfully - to balance out cooing over Drago, eugh!)

The location sheets are fabulous. Here's Diagon Alley...

What would you buy in these shops? We'd probably head straight to Ollivanders for new wands!
Each page features a hugely detailed scene full of colouring opportunities so break out your best pens and get cracking! There's also a huge stack of bonus concept artwork at the back of the book to amaze and inspire so it's a fantastic present idea indeed.

Sticking with the subject of Harry Potter Colouring, there's also this pocket-sized delight...

Along similar lines to its bigger cousin, "Harry Potter - Magical Places and Characters Postcard Colouring Book" is a perfect size to stick in your bag when you're off to stay with your grandparents over the festive season.

Colour in a card, stick on a stamp and send it to your favourite Harry Potter fan - and they're sure to be delighted.

Once again this mini treasure gathers togethers awesome scenes from the movies and tons of characters (even Luna Lovegood gets a look-in!)

Both books are published by Studio Press and are out now (kindly supplied for review by the awesome folks at Templar / Bonnier Publishing)