Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Booky Advent Calendar Day 20: "When It Snows" by Richard Collingridge (David Fickling Books)

For Booky Advent Calendar Day 20 we're revisiting a book that we've included in our Christmas round-up every year since it was published...
If there's such a thing as "The Perfect Picture Book for Christmas" this is as close as it gets for us.

Richard Collingridge's divine and atmospheric "When it Snows" not only showcases his glorious illustrative skills, but weaves a stunning and beautiful tale of a christmas journey filled with magical wonder.

A young boy embarks on a snowy trudge across a rapidly changing landscape as the snow lays deep and crisp and even underfoot. As he makes his way slowly through the drifting snowflakes, the whole world transforms around him into a mystical and stunning place.

As the book draws to a gentle close, the boy finally finds out what lies in the heart of the forest, in a crescendo of amazing revelry and festive celebration.

Every single year I dig this book out expecting Charlotte to finally say "No Daddy, it's too babyish for me" but she never does - it's just one of those books that works for such a wide age range, even cynical old 48 year old beardies who can't help but be completely enchanted by the christmassy magic of it. It's GORGEOUS!

"When it Snows" by Richard Collingridge is out now, published by David Fickling Books.