Sunday, December 4, 2016

Booky Advent Calendar Day 4 - "Santa Claude" by Alex T. Smith (Hodder Children's Books)

You'd better not run, you'd better not hide, you'd better shout out, I'm telling you's Alex T. Smith with a special seasonal and brilliant new Claude story!
Oh Claude, you rascally pooch you! We can't get enough of Claude's adventures, and ahead of the rather exciting televisual spectacular soon to be hitting our small screens, here's the latest brilliant book in Alex T. Smith's fabulous series.

We're wheeling out all the superlatives here - Claude is worth it and this time he's off on a seasonal adventure.

There's christmas shopping to be done so Claude and Sir Bobblysock need to get their warmest togs on and set out into the snowy landscape.

On Christmas Eve, Claude and SB think a burglar's come to visit. After clapping some handy handcuffs on him (that beret really DOES have everything!) the two chums realise that the soot covered interloper is actually Santa Claus himself! Eeep! Awkward, very awkward!

There's only one thing for it - Time to step in and help Santa!
Claude and SB need to embark on a very special mission to save christmas!! Can they make the rounds in time?

The post office is busy, time to get those parcels and christmas cards bagged up and sent!
It's not difficult to see why Charlotte loves the Claude books so much. They're funny, cheeky and hilariously illustrated. Top marks once again to Mr Smith!

Charlotte's favourite bit: Claude and Sir Bobblysock taking the reins on Santa's over-stuffed sleigh. Hooray!

Daddy's favourite bit: Once again Alex secures his place as a bit of a national treasure with a glorious festive romp for Claude. We cannot wait to see what this talented fellah gets up to in 2017!

"Santa Claude" by Alex T. Smith is out now, published by Hodder Children's Books (Kindly sent for review)