Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Everybunny Dance by Ellie Sandall (Hodder Children's Books)

We do love an infectious bum-wiggling BUN wiggling book or two. Here's a fab and busy little book for ickle tiny ones...
"Everybunny Dance" by Ellie Sandall takes a peek into the secret lives of bunnies. When you're not looking, they come out to play and they love to sing and dance, play musical instruments and have a lot of bunny fun!

But as the bunnies in the story are just getting down to some serious rocking and rolling, a dark shadow is cast over the bunny troupe.

Does this whiskery stranger want to dance? Sing? Or perhaps even make a quick snack of the bunnies!

A bunny dance-off! 
A joyful busy little tale with a fox - and in our book any story with a fox in it as well as a bunch of lovely bunnies has to be a win.

Uh oh! Everyone shout together. BEHIND YOU!

"Everybunny Dance!" by Ellie Sandall is out now, published by Hodder Children's Books.